Trump After 2020

Why Trump Might Become More Powerful Than Ever Outside the White House

Whether or not Trump wins this contested election, people on both sides of the aisle should prepare for Trump operating behind the scenes in a bid to re-take the White House in 2024. The model for this is Grover Cleveland, the one US president to win two non-consecutive terms.

The advantages for Trump are huge if he has to leave. First off, it tarnishes the election of Biden and boosts the Republican party as Trump, of all people, becomes a legitimate martyr.

Trump can then work behind the scenes to continue to promote what everyone calls “Trumpism”: a new kind of Republican who attracts a massive swath of the populace, many of whom were deserted by the Democrats who once represented the middle class and the working class with aplomb.

The Democrat party, it must be admitted, is in the hands of the big money interests. This includes Big Pharma (massive Obama supporters), big banks (massive Hillary supporters), and big tech (all behind Biden). And it has to be noted that the most vocal of the billionaire class came out for Biden: this includes Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, as well as Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg. With the exception of Larry Ellison, the tech sector was all-in for Joe Biden, led by the venture capital community.

These people all joined forces with the military-industrial complex as supposed Republican retired military folks, many of whom worked for Trump, had no issue coming out for Biden in a massive virtue-signaling effort. They did this to make sure they’d get on those tech company boards of directors and get a piece of the action.

Then in this mix of serious financial and military elites came the journalists from the mainstream media, the major metropolitan dailies (New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, etc.) and the top TV Networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS). The outliers were Fox News (now coming around to liberal thinking) and various individual talk radio hosts (Limbaugh, Savage, Hannity, Levin). The bulk of the action is on the Democrat party side of the ledger and they all promote a party that now serves the interests of big money, paying lip service to the “workers” and unions.

Topping all that off are the degenerate Hollywood propagandists and complainers, many well-heeled, as well as the university system now designed not to educate but to make sure you become a Democrat voter above all else.

All these institutions combined with the intelligence agencies whose allegiances are dubious at best and it’s an actual miracle that Trump lasted four years and did what he did. If he succeeds in getting back into the White House, there will be another impeachment, fake media-driven scandals, and continued battling with Democrats and the media. Who needs the continued aggravation?

He’s pretty much done yeoman’s work for the four years he was in office, including the appointment of three Supreme Court Justices (a modern record for one term) and a slew of Federal judges. He also set a new agenda in the Middle East, brought plenty of attention to the southern border, and made trade with China a real issue that can no longer be ignored.

And Trump must be given credit for two major accomplishments that probably nobody else could have managed. He kept Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush out of the White House. He should be a hero in anyone’s book for that alone.

If he decides to continue the fight, he can do it better outside the White House than inside dealing with the day-to-day along with complaining staffers all looking to write books for some easy money.

Trump would not be the lone ex-president to stay in the game; Teddy Roosevelt comes to mind as does the aforementioned Grover Cleveland. On the other hand, Eisenhower dropped out of sight, as did Truman before him, Nixon wrote books, Carter pounded nails in Central America, and the Bushes did... nothing.

Trump could stir things up, and also get a lot of attention and encouragement to do so by the same media that was making bank on Trump reporting. He could be bigger than ever and could become a king maker, promoting Republicans for various offices in 2022.

And his plans might coincide with the Republican plans to do well in 2022, probably taking back the House and increasing the numbers in the Senate. Biden could be impeached as a quid pro quo in 2023 whether thrown out of office or not.

The Republican Wet Dream/Hoped-for Outcome

The prophesied idealistic Republican plan is to get Harris to turn on him and join forces with his cabinet of Obama lackeys over the next two years and use the 25th amendment to oust him. Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s are all in play for this and the public has been softened up to accept the idea.

Then the country, irked by the fact that they were tricked into voting in brain-addled Biden and now they are stuck with the unliked Kamala Harris, would sweep in a carload of Republicans. From there, a Harris impeachment would ensue. In reality it could go a lot of different ways, but this is the Republican wet dream.

Trump was paying careful attention to the Republicans who failed to back him or who turned on him during the 2020 election and will target them all to be ousted and replaced by a Trumpian loyalist. Politics in the USA will be changed with a new Republican party turning on their former allies: the bankers and the military.

And if Trump decides to buy or start a conservative-leaning news network? Even more fun.


(JCD, Nov.24, 2002)

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