The New Era of Lost Friendships

A societal disaster.

One of those random articles promoted by the front page of a web browser claimed that 2020 was the year of lost friendships. Chasms widened between Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals, cynics and rule-follwers, Christians and atheists, capitalists and Marxists, liberty absolutists and lockdown-lovers, and even free-speech advocates and angry mobs.

Here is my take on lost friendships in 2020 and what changed and why.

Trump created this chaos. Whether it was because Trump was Satan himself or the embodiment of the actual underlying American spirit is beside the point. He was never meant to be president and whatever was “supposed” to happen to keep America on some Clintonesque neo-Liberal path toward a backdoor global governance as envisioned by the creeps at the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization was derailed or put on hold.

This timeline disruption unleashed a horrendous backlash against not only Trump but the Republicans and independents who voted for him. They would suffer to the point that few would admit in public they ever voted for Trump. They did not know what was good for them.

This “good for them” meant open borders, no nations, and no old-fashioned nationalism (the root of all evil). Hillary envisioned a Western Hemisphere with no borders from the tip of South America to Alaska. It would be a wonderful Utopia. In the early stages of this super-state, a plan had already been made for the coinage of the Amero modelled after the Euro.

Some of these were made as collector’s coins. The argument is now made that this was a bogus “conspiracy theory” to begin with. There were never any plans for the Amero.

And do you remember the plans for a super highway designed to split the USA in half? It was to go north and south from Mexico straight to Canada to move goods, a forerunner of the Eastern Hemisphere’s belt-and road promoted by the Chinese?

Who knows what else would have been dreamed up by these maniacal forces that did not seem to have the interests of the American public (or any public) in mind. During this era, the corporations went global, while the American workforce was replaced with overseas workers—imported cheap foreign workers whom American workers had to train.

The irony to me, all along, is that the Democrat Party, which was always promoting itself as “pro labor,” was nothing of the sort as it appealed to the global bankers and the real elites in finance, technology, publishing, and entertainment. America was told to say goodbye to the lost jobs.

The American worker, as well as most ethnic minorities, were seen as too dumb, or at least too busy, to notice that their traditional political party was working against them.

There even seemed to be an anti-American corporation theme involved as some of the highest corporate taxes in the world were levied on American corporations. Trump’s supposed great economic miracle cranked up the economy and brought jobs back—the sort of jobs Obama declared would never return—with a simple decrease in the corporate tax rates. How hard was that?

Since then, Biden and the Democrats have worked to re-establish the old trends.

In the meantime, the schism between friends who were once Democrats who disagreed with Republicans but could still have dinner together is over. The source of much of this began years ago before Trump ever came along. It then came to the fore by Trump-haters and the endless nonsense about Russia combined with two “show trial” doomed to fail impeachments. This only succeeded in making the chasm wider.

Further, an entire generation of kids has emerged from the educational system who hate this country. These are also the ones who seem to suffer the most from Covid hysteria. To this day in various parts of the country, they wear two masks, a plastic face screen, and those blue gloves, unless they’re soaking their hands in various alcoholic disinfectants.

The schools now teach them about identity politics, critical theory, and critical race theory— variations on failed 1960s communist ideology. Even Black Lives Matter philosophies include the dissolution of the nuclear family and the overt Marxist world view and mechanism.

This is seen as OK by the new generations of Americans who have not seen a vibrant economy in their lifetimes, thanks to the machinations of the neo-Liberals and progressive one-world government mavens who cannot seem to pull off an actual world government, but muck things up trying.

In fact, they cannot even come close to a One World Government. They tried with some sort of world governance for climate change (“climate crisis” or “climate emergency” in newspeak), but there is too much skepticism. Would they name Greta Thunberg our new world leader?

The Covid pandemic looks like another backdoor attempt, but only after a year of what looked like Keystone Kop world governance. These same people did manage to show that the most well-educated population of the entire globe can all want to take an experimental vaccine. This was through fearmongering and the global suppression of actual debate. Still, it has not gotten us any closer to world governance.

All Covid did was damage more relationships as families who have bought into the vaccine will not let any of the unvaccinated near them, begging the question “What are you worried about if the vaccine actually works?” “Well, why take a chance,” they will tell you, parroting the mob boss Remo Gaggi from the movie Casino. OK, so something else is going on here.

The result of this is that both sides think the other side is so stupid that they cannot have dinner together lest they come to blows. It boils down to that.

What to do about it? I see only one common yet subtle element running throughout this story: the reintroduction and emphasis in education (K-12 and college) of the kind of anti-capitalist, anti-American Communist-Marixist-Socialist globalist rhetoric that was once eschewed by our education system. How did it become okay now?

We were warned about it in the 1950's and 1960's. It’s happened. It’s permeated everything, including once-cherished friendships. Good luck fixing it. -- JCD

June 1, 2021