Paying Lip Service to Science

It should amuse everyone that people completely unfamiliar with the scientific method and science in general are the ones most likely to promote memes of “follow the science” and “believe in science.”

First of all, science is not a faith to believe in and these same people have no idea how to “follow the science.”

Case in point, hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as treatments for Covid-19. The public experts have rejected these products based on the research producing negative results. In the case of hydroxychloroquine these studies were analyzing usage when a person was on their death beds or being over-dosed by the drug.

Hundreds of other studies get ignored. Here is a link to a “Database of all HCQ COVID-19 studies. 244 studies, 174 peer reviewed, 200 comparing treatment and control groups.”

These are good, bad, and ugly studies. These need assessment. Instead, you get unscientific proclamations about “the science.”

Science is messy. Look at today’s crop of 20-somerthing journalists includes few with any sort of science education, let alone field experience. This includes most science writers.

And as far as I'm concerned, getting a “science” degree in gender studies is not the same as a degree in chemical engineering or botany.

The base ignorance at the root of science reporting, especially about the Covid-19 fiasco, is shameful. Even the Covid-19 Studies Group (cited above) which collected studies on various treatments does not expect anyone to go through the documentation. So it felt obliged to post massive call out posters on the website (below). Will someone will pay attention that way? So far? Zilch.

Invermectin, for example, is still referred to by medical reporters as a “horse dewormer” and not discussed further. The drug is an anti-parasite drug, yes, but also is quite efficacious as an anti-viral.

Complaining about this is beside the point because it’s clear that something else is going on. But what? You tell me.

Lopsided and dubious reporting also applies to the sketchy lockdowns when the first time in history you see the healthy population quarantined.

Quarantines are for the sick. This current idea stems from the unproven and unstudied notion that asymptomatic people will have the virus and wander around like typhoid Mary spreading it to everyone.

Nobody wants to point out that the states with the most draconian rules and lockdowns, California and New York, have the most deaths too. How does that work?

Another factor not addressed in places like California under the stay-at-home and mask mandates is how the over 150,000 homeless in the state are exempt from all these rules. And there has not been a noteworthy rise in homeless deaths reported.

But again, nobody in the media cares about any of this and, in fact, ignores it all. They are happy to parrot the litany that everyone needs to get vaccinated. This means vaccinated with under-tested experimental concoctions, none of which come close to meeting the traditional definition of a vaccine.

Any skeptical doctor or actual researcher who may question this on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook will find themselves kicked off the respective platforms and told to shut up.

This entire mechanism of rank bullshit should alarm the intellectual class. Instead, you find them siding with the mechanism, in droves. Ask them why and you will get a blank stare and some comment about “following the science.” --jcd


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