Stalinist America

A government controlled discourse has led to the Covid mess.

The powers in control of the public trust, including the mainstream media combined with Facebook and Twitter, are all complaining about Covid misinformation. They cry that bad information is everywhere on blogs, podcasts, TikToK, BitChute, etc. But this bad information often comes from vetted and real experts. What gives?

From these "misinformed" sources you discovered that the Covid virus may well have originated in a lab in Wuhan China. Suggest such a thing on Twitter in June of 2020 and you're removed from the platform.

Whether the lab was the source was true or not was not the point in 2020. Why was it so important to the mainstream media and the social media outlets to not even allow the discussion? What was so dangerous about this discourse?

There are other verboten topics that are inexplicable. But the whopper of whoppers keeps cropping up: natural immunity as a fabulous source of protection. You can get booted from many forums for discussing the fact that natural immunity to Covid-19 is more powerful and longer-lasting than the vaccine.

This debate is coming to a head with folks who have a documented case of Covid (and an obvious recovery) mandated to get the shot anyway. Why should they get the shot? When there was a measles outbreak a few years back did they demand that those who recovered get a measles shot? After someone gets the flu, do they get a flu shot afterwards? What changed?

Mandating a shot to the already recovered is idiotic by all accounts from the most credible of the doctors and researchers out there.

Every doctor who comes on TV to discuss natural immunity is always marginalized for future coverage. They get replaced by a hack who claims the vaccine should be taken anyway, “to be safe.”

There is no documentation to support this.

Other vaccine shills include Pfizer board members promoting Pfizer vaccines. There is no room for debate and when anyone comes online on YouTube questioning anything, they are blocked, if not banned. Nothing suspicious about that, is there?

This would all be laughable if it wasn’t so disturbing, since many Covid survivors are forced by government agencies and companies to get vaccinated.

To make matters worse, in New York and San Francisco, where liberal idealism has devolved into local tyranny, you must have proof of vaccination to go into a bar or restaurant. What about those who recovered from Covid? Why are they locked out?

So what we now see are scofflaws using fake vaccine cards. Claims that this is a felony because such cards are counterfeit (there’s a trademarked “logo” on the card) is falling on deaf ears. And in bars and restaurants you can see that the bouncers or hosts are glancing at the card. Nobody is scanning the card and saying, “Hang on, we are checking with Washington to see if your card is real.”

But that work-around is not going to work if you are a police officer told to get the shot or you are out of a job. Having already had and survived the disease does not matter.

This insanity must stop and soon. At this point, its manic and none of it is helped by the vaccine shills on TV along with the top shill, the ageless twerp Anthony Fauci.

This lack of debate is then worsened by the lunatic fringe of alternative medicine doctors and others who claim that everyone who takes the vaccine will be dead in six months or a year at the most. This is then followed by a lecture about the deadly spike proteins.

So here we are in some informational limbo. You can thank a government trying to protect what must be a state secret (you must assume it’s the probability that we invented the pathogen as claimed by Chinese intelligence),

It’s nuts and it will not resolve until real information is allowed to emerge. Right now you can assume that everything from all sides is a lie. It seems like Stalin’s Russia more than America. -- jcd

August 31, 2021