Making Covid about Climate

The Covid-19 pandemic and the sheer volume of public fear and concurrent compliance has prompted a rethinking of the most promoted “crisis” of our time: “climate change.”

Climate change, which actually began with the global cooling rage of the 1970s, began its new life as “global warming,” then morphed into “climate change” and further evolved into the preferred new phrase, “climate crisis.” Along the rebranding road we also saw the short-lived “climate emergency.”

Trump’s election in 2016 derailed the urgency of fixing the “problem.” He relaxed the targets for CO2 and refused to play along with international efforts to create funds for third world and developing nations to help them cope. This means taking money from rich countries and giving it to poor countries. This is done under the guise of a sort of reparation for all the damage done to the environment by the rich countries.

Biden’s election has put the USA back on track, but the enthusiasm is still minimal because of the Covid panic. It seems as if the public-at-large can only worry itself sick about one thing at a time.

While the Covid panic should have been over by now, the media is continuing to promote it, whether it’s about the variants or needing a lot more shots or pushing the idea that you can get the disease multiple times.

None of this is helping the country transition back to climate change as the major concern.

The intermediate solution? Connect Covid to climate change. More and more articles and papers are manufacturing an often bogus direct connection between Covid and the changing climate, no matter how ridiculous.

The thinking is that it might be possible to keep the fear levels high by taking the Covid freak-out and somehow making it a climate freak-out. This is like replacing a light bulb with a candle and hoping nobody will notice.

Here are a few recent examples of the sort you will be seeing in this hopeless endeavor.

One research paper shows that various bat populations moved south and may be the source of the virus in the first place. This event is a problem for those pushing the climate change agenda.

If climate change is causing animal migration, it would make sense that any population in the Northern Hemisphere would move farther north since it would be too hot for them in the old habitat. Moving south to what should be a hotter climate makes no sense. I’m sure some dubious but creative rationale will appear to explain the anomaly.

The major news media would prefer Covid fear porn for all eternity, but it will move to the climate change messaging in the months ahead. They feel obliged even though everyone knows that the "crisis" is proving to be a financial loser for everyone but the Chinese solar panel makers and the wind turbine manufacturers.

You’ve been warned. We’re back to 2016. Please adjust your calendar. -- jcd