Mailchimp has Blocked No Agenda

UPDATE: Shortly after this was posted Mailchimp released the newsletter without saying a word or letting me know. This is not how you do business. The original newsletter was finally sent out after I noted this situation in the newsletter itself. I’ll report further on this because this sort of robot censorship is unacceptable in any business.

The last newsletter was flagged as a violation of the “woke” MailChimp terms of service, for what I do not know and all I’ve received is an automated reply to my query as to what was the problem. I am putting the text of the newsletter here for your you can figure out for yourselves what exactly this “violation” is.

This hurts the show and costs us money.

Here is the text with images from the newsletter


The live show is back tomorrow after a very short break where you were provided two specials of importance. Until midnight tonight you can still get the “Leet” show 1337 special call outs (for contributions over $50). Click here for that offer.

No Agenda is a special podcast unlike any others that exist only to sell you pillows or underwear. This means if those show discuss anything controversial some political hate organization will pressure the advertisers to pull their sponsorships, or else! No Agenda avoids these modern pressure tactics by using direct support from you, the actual producer and sponsor. Continue this project today by contributing. Click here.

Tomorrow’s Show.

After the short break the show will continue with what seems like never-ending pandemic reports, mostly about the continued roll-out of experimental vaccines on the American public who wait in long lines to “get the jab.” Many brag about this “feat” on social media as if it was an actual accomplishment. This discussion continues.’

You’ll hear about the USA supposedly leaving Afghanistan on this coming 9-11. Odd date to leave and bets are being taken whether we will leave on that date or ever.

Your No Agenda show covers and analyzes news better than any other source you can find and will continue to do so through 2021. This is because the show is not owned by a large corporation nor beholden to advertisers and is solely supported by you.

THE Real NO AGENDA PLEDGE: There are zero creepy advertisers or horrible CCP influencers telling us what to cover and how to slant things.

Please contribute to support the show today. Click here and be part of the team.

There is plenty new on tomorrow’s show. signed John & Adam

For completeness here are the ancillary image. See what is offensive here.

and from MailChimp