What's wrong with this picture?

If Donald Trump had evacuated Afghanistan and left upwards of $90 billion in armaments and weaponry in the hands of the Taliban, how long would it have taken for Nancy Pelosi to begin a third round of impeachment hearings? What is going on here?

The weapons left to the Taliban in a hasty retreat is greater than the annual military budget for all but two (USA and China) of the top 15 nations’ annual military expenditures. It’s hard to imagine but look at this list.

To make things more suspicious, few are complaining, and those that do target Biden’s “botched bug out” and “Americans stranded.”

In March 2020, Pompeo met with the Taliban and the US initiated the plan to pull troops out. During that time, the US could have moved out surplus arms and ammunitions. This includes 22,174 Humvees, 42,000 Ford and Toyota pickups, 8,000 troop carrier trucks, 358,530 assault rifles, not to mention 45 Blackhawk helicopters, 50 MD530 choppers and 33 Mi17 helicopters. These could have flown to our ally Pakistan for re-deployment. The same for 28 Cessna 208’s and 22 Embrarer MB 314’s. This is not to mention four large C-130 transport planes. Each of those could have flown 90 Americans to safety as far away as Kuwait without refueling.

What gives? If this does not stink to high heaven, what does? The total loss of gear amounts to over 10 percent of our annual military budget.

The gear was supposed to be inoperable. Instead, we saw choppers flying the next day over a parade of our vehicles rolling down the road in celebration.

This “oops we lost $90 billion in gear to the Taliban” cannot be an accident. Smart analysis must conclude that it was left to the Taliban for a reason. It must have been Mike Pompeo who came up with this deal, since it was he who negotiated with the Taliban.

So what was the deal? Nobody knows but it has to have something to do with China and the fact that the CCP hates Muslims and the Taliban are the most extreme sort of Muslim.

The Chinese are already trying to make friends with the Taliban, but the relationship is now skewed by the fact that the Taliban is armed to the teeth.

And let’s not forget that there are still mercenaries throughout Afghanistan, many of whom can operate the aircraft and teach others how to operate them as well as organize maintenance.

For all we know, the CIA may still be there in force to manage opium distribution. Nobody likes to talk about that.

If these suppositions are true, none of this was a botch at all. Rather, it was a planned action creating plausible deniability for the US government when in trade talks with China. “Hey we were beaten by the Taliban, they took our stuff.”

It definitely explains the screwball closure of the massive Bagram Airfield, with the US leaving behind a treasure trove of armaments, aircraft, and ammunition. Nobody has explained the abruptness of this closure.

With China intending to use Afghanistan as a major way station for its Belt-and Road initiative, it now may have to think twice about how to do that. In fact, the $90 billion in military gear may have been a smart investment on behalf of American industry. It may throw a wrench into the works.

So you know, we left them over 20 million rounds of 7.62mm bullets, as well as 9 million rounds of 50 caliber ammo. A good rundown of much of the gear is here and here. Happy reading!

Unfortunately, if this whole abandonment scheme is an “op,” we’ll never learn much from the compromised and useless mainstream media.

Instead we are fed the “facts” that Americans are “stranded” and tortured, used as hostages, etc. The stories about the continued effort by the private sector to get people out of Afghanistan will be repressed. It will take years to know the truth of what happened. You’ll hear good snippets, though, on podcasts and other modern resources for news reporting. But those are considered “fringe” and unreliable, so they will not threaten any scripted narrative fed to the general public via the WaPo, NYT, CNN, NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC.

The problem is that the scripted narrative so far makes no sense. And you have to wonder if China believes any of it. Who would?

I’m guessing that only the American public buys into the script. And they do it hook, line, and sinker and come away with the simple notion that Biden sucks, but is still better than Trump somehow. That’s the theme of everything. -- jcd


Sept. 7, 2021